About me

Who am I?

Who one is - is an enormous and philosophical question. I'll keep it simple for now. 

I am a young female on her 24th year on this earth. Right now I'm on my path from going from girl to woman and very conflicted with this transformation. You'd think with being 24 this already had happened... More on that on the blog later. 

I am a very introvert person but I am quite happy living in a dorm with own bathroom and shared kitchen with 13 other people(!) It's living with your friends but alone at the same time, it's cheap and it's close to University where I study applied philosophy

Personally I have a million hobbies which I am sure I'll be happy to write about here on the blog. In short I enjoy all creative manner; I draw, color, paint. I enjoy reading all sorts of stuff be it fictional or non-fiction. I enjoy listening to most music; both rock, hip-hop, folk or classical music. I absolutely love 80's music though! In my own skills: Currently trying to learn to play ukulele on my own. I enjoy learning new things just about anything really. On occasion I enjoy watching a good soccer match - but more importantly I enjoy betting on the games. I am somewhat a geek - I also enjoy designing and coding websites.

During the past period of time I am rediscovering my spiritual side which I think I have neglected during the past many years. 

This has come after partly dealing with some emotional things in December 18' with my brother and our childhood, as well as making a big change in my diet and lifestyle. During the summer of 2018 I went from vegan to raw vegan (801010) which spiked my energy and so led to a deep commitment to fitness and weight loss - to which I then lost 10kg over the summer. 

Besides evolving into my adult self and exploring my spiritual side - I am also broadening my horizons in terms of sex where I have gotten involved in some BDSM minds.

What is this blog about then?

I hope to find that out with time.. 

I guess it's sort of 'my space'. A place where I can leave my thoughts and experiences; like an online diary. The question is - why would anyone want to read another girls diary unless they are a mean brother snooping around in a teenroom? 

Maybe you can resonate with some of the things I go through..? Maybe the blog will get a more general focus point with time.. How personal this blog is going to be I don't know. 

So what you are looking in on here is a young introvert girl from Denmark in her young 20's transforming into a woman. An introvert girl dealing with her studies, her self-confidence and the up's and down's of living in a dorm. As well as the hardships of making friends and maintaining healthy and spiritual living. 


I am very quiet. I prefer my own company over groups. I hate big crowds and enjoy the silence from non-presence. I do like people - few - and on occasions. I am a loner but not necessarily lonely. Lately I have found articles and tests that says I have Aspergers traits but I have no further proof.

Vegan (Raw)

I went vegetarian in January 2017 and during the summer the same year I took the step to become vegan. 

During the summer of 2018 I went raw vegan and now I do that primarily with few cooked meals occasionally. 


During the summer of 2018 I started exploring my sexual side with some dating on different dating apps and asking me questions as to what I want in my life. I stumbled upon a guy in a match who liked to be rough and I enjoyed that fantasy and more to it. 

Sport & betting

A good soccer match can be relaxing but the feeling of having made a good analysis on a game beforehand and winning cash on it is much better. 

I always cheer for Manchester City. (With a soft spot for Tottenham Hotspur)

Student of philosophy

It sounds very profound doesn't it? I am very thoughtful and contemplating however I don't use that skill enough. It is my major and therefore a big part of my life. I mostly enjoy metaphysics and maybe history of philosophy  I guess. 


I love to create. Be it stories, pictures, music or other kinds of art. I do acrylic, pastel, chalk, pencil, markers, brushes. I do crocheting as well. I own a Nikon D3200 which I like doing landscapes and animal photos with. I own a guitar, ukulele and a keyboard but haven't learned to master them yet. 

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